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Super Sedans Western Australia is a speedway motorsport club supporting Super Sedan racing teams and members by promoting, encouraging and showcasing the class of Super Sedans throughout the state of Western Australia.
Super Sedans Western Australia is passionate about the Super Sedans class and the people who dedicate themselves in keeping their class alive. Sponsors play a massive part in the success of the club by assisting the Super Sedans Western Australia to continue to provide an organised Super Sedan class within Western Australia and encourage competitors to compete.

It’s incredibly encouraging for Super Sedans Western Australia to have a great club that can produce awesome entertainment not only for spectators at the track, but to also keep followers up to date with all of the latest happenings via their website and social media channels.
The passion and thrill of Super Sedan racing is addictive, competitors and their pit crews spend hours a day throughout the week preparing their Super Sedan for the next race meeting. The skill and ability to endure different conditions with a powerful engine at high speed on a dirt track, negotiating through traffic is a huge feat and the experience and knowledge of a successful and accurate set up of a Super Sedan is a massive advantage for competitors and their crew.

Fun Facts

Most common engine used

Chev! Most of our club’s driving members choose to use a Chev engine, there are a few different types of performance Chev type engine out there.

Most common chassis used

Dominator and Sweet. There are quite a few different chassis which our driving members are choosing to use but the Dominator and Sweet brands seem to be of the majority.

Did you know

If you add up all the years of speedway experience between all of the club’s driving members, there ae 220 plus years of experience. That’s a lot!

Favourite track in Western Australia

Albany’s Attwell Park Speedway. While everyone’s favourite tracks are rather spread over Western Australia, the most common mentioned is Attwell Park Speedway.

Crew members

Family. For the majority of our driving members their crew is made up of one or more of their family members, such as wives and girlfriends, brothers and sisters, mum and dad, grandparents, and even grandchildren.


From the top to the bottom. It seems it doesn't to matter to our driving members how far they have to travel to race with each other, we have members located from the very top of Western Australia in Broome to the very bottom in Albany.